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  1. 16-Channel Embedded Digital Video Recorder
  2. Real time Operating System on embedded high-speed processor
  3. Real-time display

Compress Functin
* Support PAL/NTSC4.43/NTSC3.58 video signal
* The video compression is H. 264, supports VBR as well as CBR
* Separatedly compress each audio and video signal stream, the compressed audio standard adopts G. 722, the sampled point is: 8K sampled point per second, 16bit per sampled point
* Compound H264 is produced after compressing video and audio signals, the video and audio keep moving simultaneously and can set up no audio record when playback
* CIF: there is low definition available
* 6 kinds of record image quality for choosing, users can select video quality according to the special need, so as to ensure for enough long video time.;

Network Function
* Support TCP/IP agreement (support ARP, RARP, IP, TCP, PPPOE, DHCP, etc.)
*Support PPPOE, dial automatically again at the same time and support domain name mapping
*Complete controlling functions from remote client end (users can take control of the DVR from Internet)
* Can use the special software or Internet Explorer browser to set up parameter through network, look around monitor scenes of any or 8-channel video and audio signals in real time, and PTZ as well
* Embedded multiple communication protocols, can control PTZ in the end of the host computer and control PTZ, scene and rain brush through network
* Update through network and achieve long-distance safeguard to help user upgrading for the future maintenance and the functions enlarging

Record Function
* Support:Manual video, timing video, motion detection and warning video
*Support the categorized search of manual video, timing video, motion detection and warning video contents
* Motion detection function:Each video can set up multiple dynamic measuring areas
* Full screen shielding switch, can achieve full screen shielding of real-time picture and record cannot be shielded when is in the full screen shielding video 
* Warning record video supports single way or multi-way record individually
* Client PC can record compressed data stream, support record audio and video signals into the computer directly through Internet
* Support No.1 to 16 record on videotape real-timely, each video parameter can set up alone
* Support the titles, recording times and dates adding
* Support record modes (manual video,timing video,motion detection video and warning video) checking

Playback Function
* Current playback:accurate time playback, search playback the contents of manual video, timing video, motion detection video and warning video
* Support picture in picture playback
* Support monitoring and showing pictures at the same time and make no influence on the video content in real time
* Support the playback modes of 4 ranks of speeding, slowing, playback, pausing, forwarding.
* Can reach multiple video playback modes through using client manager and make no influence on the real-time picture and video result

Monitor in Real Time Function
* Support the local monitor and local VGA
* Support the regulation of each video parameter (luminance, contrast rate, color, degree of saturation)
* Show the mode switch rapidly, not delayed
* Embedded multiple communication protocols, can control PTZ, scene and rain bush through the front board or remoter
* Video motion detection function, each video can set up 64 dynamic measuring areas
* Offer full screen shielding switch, can achieve the whole shielding of real-time picture, record cannot be shielded when in full screen shielding
* Support the video playback and in real time monitor at the same time
* Support the picture poll, can set up poll and poll spacing interval freely according to need
* Possess WEB SERVER function, support dynamic IP and domain name
* Can use special software or Internet Explorer browser to set up parameter through Internet, look around monitored scenes of any or No. 16 video and 8 audio signals in real time
* Support talkback between managing host computer (control center) and network hard disk video recorder (front)
* Support TV wall function

Technical Specification



Image System


Image resolution ratio

real-time display(704*576), Video compression  CIF (352*288)                                          

Video Input

16 Channel BNC(1.0Vp-p,75Ω)

Video output

1 Channel BNC(1.0Vp-p,75Ω)
Monitor output or VGA display output

Audio Input

8 Channel (lotus,20-100mv, 10Kohm)

Audio Output

1 Channel (lotus, 20-100mv, 1Kohm)

 Alarm input

9 alarm input

 Alarm output

4 alarm output

Image compress mode


Audio compress mode


Audio sampling ratio

8K sampling point per second, 16 bit per sampling point

The quality of the record

There are 12 in all, from high to low

Operating system

Embedded real-time operating system (RTOS)

Network port

Adaptive Ethernet port of 10M/100M


Support 8 parallel IDE & 2 SATA

Series port

RS232 or RS485



Power supply

220+-30% V, 50+-3% HZ

Working temperature

-10 to 55

Working humidity


Power consumption


Dimensions (W*H*D)

440(W)x435(D)x96.6(H) mm

Included Accessories

CD X1,IR Remote control X1, Manual X1,  AAA Battery X2,