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GPS Car Tracking System VC-8004MDVR


System Recording Module and Mounting Assembly
*Ultra compact case, extremely low weight, high temperature resistance, and vibration resistant
*Low-Voltage, low-current architecture suitable for mobile mounting or fixed locations
*Quick-Release removable Recording Module with tamperproof lock and secure controls
*Flexible Mounting Assembly for permanent connection to vehicle or permanent installation
*Individual wire connections for audio, video, power, inputs/outputs, and accessory assemblies
*12V, 1Amp regulated power for use with cameras, inputs/outputs, and accessory assemblies
*Full support for NTSC or PAL video inputs and outputs, audio channels, VGA display
* Communications supported through TCP/IP network interface and USB connection to PCs
*Hand-held, IR controller with On-Screen Display (OSD) for all operations of the Recording Module
*2.5-in. mobile HDD Bay, anti-vibration and shock resistance internally supported

Video and Audio DVR Features and Capabilities
*4 channels for video input, full-motion (30fps/camera) continuous video recording and display
*4 channels for high-fidelity, digitally recorded, synchronized audio matched to 4 video channels
*Secure, constant recording while system is powered with event bookmarks for searching
*MPEG-4 video compression for high quality, low storage requirement recording and playback
*User-selectable settings for quality and audio record enable/disable for each video channel
*Multi-level password protection for settings, playback, remote access, and more
*12v power supply for multiple devices such as cameras, sensors, relays and other accessories
*Selectable idle frame rate with selectable event-triggered burst recording speeds up to 30fps/cam
*Multiple alarm inputs and relay outputs with selectable pre-alarm and post-alarm recording
*Full event logging of every operation controlled by the ADVR
*TV output channel for live video and recorded video viewing

Streaming Video Output for Advertising, Entertainment, and Information
*DVD-quality steaming audio/video channel with independent NTSC or PAL television output
*Convenient Flash card, USB, or TCP/IP media updating and status file downloading
*Simultaneous and independent operation of DVR and streaming Advertising

Remote Connection Capabilities
*Handheld Infra-Red controller with OSD for quick access to recorded video and settings menus
*USB connection for file transfer, PC-based file transfer and settings management
*PC-Based Internet Explorer applications for playback viewing, management, and file transfer

Accessory Modules for Supplemental Data and Driver Management
*Video Interface Module including Video text overlay, data capture, GPS location, speed and temperature
*Vehicle Motion Manager includes 3-axis inertia sensor to determine video-matched motion events
*Vehicle Management Software interprets video and data for driver and vehicle use assessment
*Video Event Search software allows intelligent searching of video based on event information




Image System


Image resolution

720 x 480 (576), 720 x 240 (288), 320 x 240 (288)

Video Input

4 Channel BNC(1.0Vp-p,75Ω)

Video output

4CH Monitor output (1.0Vp-p,75Ω)

Audio Input

4ch - 8db 22k Ω RCA

Audio Output

2ch - 8db 3k Ω, RCA

Alarm input

11 CH

Alarm output


Image compress mode


Recording Time

168 hours/160G(4CH)

Recording Mode

Manual Event Alarm Motion Schedule full-time

Recording Resolution

720*288 or 360*288 (PAL)720*240 or 360*240 (NTSC)

Display Resolution

720*576 PAL)?720*480?(NTSC)

Display/Recording Frame Rate


Motion Detect

5-phase sensitivity adjustment, 16 x 12 Motion Area

Network port

RJ45 LAN ADSL TCP/IP Protocol CDMA/GPRS(option)

Hard disk info

Support one 2.5-in mobile HDD (OPTION)

Series port


Secrete Function

Password protection


YES (option)


Network Backup (stored on Network Viewer)
Possible to save into MPEG4
Live/PB selection and storage irrespective of the screen output of the system

USB Storage Backup
Can save moving and still images to USB Flash

PTZ Control

Pan / Tilt / Zoom functions connected to RS-485

Remote Control

IR Remote

Working temperature


Working humidity


Power consumption


Dimensions (W*H*D)

179(W)x49(D)x245(H) mm


3.0KG(W/O HDD)

Included Accessories

MOBILE DVR Recording Module and Mounting Assembly F
Power cable FAV input cable; AV output cable with VGA connector; Sensor connection cable ; USB Cable ; Hand-Held Infra-Red Controller; Rubber washers for vibration dampening in vehicle installation plus 20 PCs screws ;Installation Manual/ Warranty card/ QA PASS certificate.

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